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England is part of the United Kingdom. Their currancy is called the Pound.

History of England

There is a lot of history on England. I will share with you only a very small part of that history.

The history I will be sharing with you are from the years 1837 to around 2003. The information will only be highlights and main events that have happened over these years.

  • 1837- At the age of 18 Queen Victoria becomes queen
  • 1840- Penny Post which were the first postage stamps cam into use.
  • 1842- Child labour was ended by Mines Act
  • 1845 to 1849- As a result of the famine (a potato fungus/ Great Potato Famine) 800,000 people died
  • 1850's- The first post boxex were built
  • 1851- A bit over half of Britain's population lived in towns. The Great Exibition
  • 1854- Crimean War
  • 1856- Russia was defeated by England in the Crimean War
  • 1861- Year of Price Albert's death
  • 1863- The London Underground opens
  • 1868- Disinfectant was discovered by a man named Joseph Lister. Also durring this year was the last public hanging
  • 1870- Education Act: which ment school for everyone
  • 1883- The first electric railway
  • 1902- Dutch Settlers were defeated by Britain in the Boer War which was in South Africa
  • 1914 to 1918- The First World War
  • 1939 to 1945- The second World War
  • 1952- Elizabeth II becomes Queen in this year
  • 1982- Falklands War
  • 1991- The Gulf War
  • 2003- Second Gulf War

Where to Stay

There are many places to stay in England.

  1. The Days Hotel London Stansted
  2. Hunters Meet
  3. Hilton London Stansted Airport

My favourite place to say would have to be The Jolly Brewers Free House Inn. It is in a little town called Bishop's Stortford which is just an hour away from London. Yet it is only 10 minutes from the London Stansted Airport. Nearby there is a train station, shops, a leisure centre, river, and night life. In the room it has tea or coffee, a television and also has internet access. The rooms are comfortable and is a seperate building to the right of the the pub. They only have 7 rooms and parking is available just outside of them. Prices range from 59 to 60 pounds. The only downside to this Inn is that is children cannot be accomidated.